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Klassisk Sommar 40

Summer 40 is designed for those who want a comfortable bedroom and a spacious living room. There is plenty of space for cooking in the bespoke kitchen and full comfort in the beautiful bathroom. With the optional loft, you can accommodate guests as well. A small house that feels large inside.

The Klassisk style stems from the romantic Swedish dream of a true countryside house. A shed roof with a pronounced roof overhang, combined with patio doors and windows with real Viennese muntin bars, makes the house fit in perfectly, even among old buildings.

Choose between two floor plans – Berg, where the social part of the house is located towards the gable, and Glänta, where it is situated in the centre of the house.

Construction plans

Download floor- and facade drawings


Compare our three well-thought-out interiors

Klassisk Sommar 40 från 1.365.000 kr inkluderar följande:

  • Nyckelfärdigt monterat och vinterisolerat hus i naturmaterial.
  • Komplett målning utvändigt och invändigt.
  • Skjutglaspartier eller pardörrar i massivt trä med treskikts härdat isolerglas.
  • Massiva trägolv behandlade med hårdvaxolja.
  • Snickeribyggd förvaring i Sommarnöjens design.
  • Snickeribyggt kök i Sommarnöjens design med integrerade vitvaror från Electrolux.
  • Badrum med golvvärme, naturlig stenklinker, vägghängd wc, utvalt porslin och dolda anslutningar.
  • Invändig el och VA med snabb anslutning vid husliv.

Our prices

Our prices are fixed and transparent. They include a fully assembled, turnkey house with good architecture, selected natural material, premium built quality and dedicated service.

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